Co-Parenting Coaching

As a Collaborative Family Law attorney as well as a mother and stepmother of five children with two separate parenting agreements, I have professional and personal experience with co-parenting. I am passionate about helping families navigate the world of co-parenting and offer several services to support these families during and after divorce.

In addition to my work as a certified mediator and Collaborative-trained family law attorney, I also received a co-parenting certification from the Mosten Guthrie Academy for Mediation and Collaborative Training. This forward-thinking training equipped me with the ability to use an innovative child-centered approach in the co-parenting services offered at ROAD to RESOLUTION.

Through my unique co-parenting coaching methods, I work with my clients to prioritize their family while centering decisions around the best interests of their children. My services can help families create or update a parenting plan, resolve conflict or disagreements, address communication challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and assess the ever-changing landscape of raising children in two households.

To learn more about co-parenting coaching and guidance services, contact ROAD to RESOLUTION to schedule a confidential consultation. You can also read my co-parenting blog for information and tips concerning common topics and issues affecting co-parents.