Drafting Legal Documents

As a licensed attorney in North Carolina and South Carolina, I can handle the drafting of various documents. This includes drafting your Separation Agreement, filing your divorce, creating co-parenting plans, and handling many of the other legal services connected with the individual nature of your divorce or family law matter.

Our Drafting Legal Documents service takes the guesswork out of what you are putting to paper. Having a licensed professional draft your legal documents will let you breathe easy knowing that all you need to do is work things out in a fair, collaborative way.

In addition to separation and divorce services, I am experienced in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as cohabitation agreements. For couples considering prenups, I recommend scheduling a consultation immediately after engagement, or in some cases, before engagement. It’s important to allow time for these documents to be drafted and revised so they can be finalized well before you and your partner exchange vows. For couples who are already married but would like a document outlining what would happen in the event of separation or divorce, postnuptial agreements can be drafted. There is no time frame or window on these documents as they can be created immediately after marriage or decades later. Cohabitation agreements can be helpful legal documents for couples who live together but are not married, especially if there is co-ownership of a house, car, boat, or other type of asset or debt.

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