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One Year’s Separation: An Early Stepping Stone on Your Path to Divorce

It is no small task to embark on the difficult journey of divorce. For couples who have come to an impasse in their relationship, there is much to unpack—figuratively and literally. The dissolution of marriage is as complicated legally as it is emotionally. 

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Divorce: The Big Picture

Divorce is many things. But pleasant, is rarely a word that comes to mind when thinking of this often unwelcome life event.

Co-Parenting with a Partner Who Suffers from Mental Illness

Co-Parenting with a Partner Who Suffers from Mental Illness

Most of us can agree that while divorce is hard, co-parenting is often even harder. As a Collaborative family law attorney and certified mediator who has personal and professional experience with divorce and co-parenting, I’ll be the first to admit that this is true. These processes can become even more challenging and complex when there are mental health concerns with either, or both, spouses and/or their children. 

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